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Order for Restoring Peace on Earth - O.R.P.E.

  • A prayer driven community of worldwide members dedicated to promoting world peace through the Power of Love. 

  • Fulfilling God's mandate of shining light in the midst of darkness

  • Instilling love, truth, and justice.

  • Redeeming humanity from false idols and inducing truth in the world so humanity could escape punishment.

  • A community of change-makers of divinely driven.

Defending Human Dignity

  • Campaigning for the cause of those who cannot assert their own fundament rights

  • Defending people in captivities

  • Protecting people's freedom of expression and from discrimination

  • Defending people from violence by state and non-state actors

  • Legal services for victims of human rights abuses

Education & Health

  • Responding to the health care needs of disadvantaged communities

  • Capacity & taskforce building

  • Health Care Access for All

  • Vocational education

Economic Inclusion & Development

  • Empowering lives in poverty out of poverty

  • Communities development

Emergency Funds to Restore Dignity of Displaced People & Those Facing  Extreme Poverty

Afghanistan on the Brink

Emergency Funds to Rescue Victims of Civil Wars & Political Instabilities

Rescuing Children in Danger