Divine Accountability



If, you citizens of the world, would accept the words of wisdom and store up the Most High's commandments within you, turning your ear to wisdom, and applying your heart to understanding, if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver, and search for it as a hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. Because, from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. He holds success in store for uprights. He is a shield for those whose walks are blameless.

Prov. 2: 1-22.

The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom

Although in this world of imperfection the concept of the "Fear of the Lord" does not represent scientific value of the moral benefit of wisdom, leadership and experts team at Orpe Human Rights Advocates are elected ethical leaders. They are expected of having been bound with power of light through love and understanding, and by deep compassion and inclusiveness towards humanity. They are expected of being transformational leaders who shine light in the midst of darkness and strive towards acquiring comprehension, understanding and wisdom of translating the Divine Purpose. They are expected of being the leaders who have been illumined by knowledge of the Plan; and characterized by a readiness to sacrifice their own immediate interests if thereby they can assist humanity in its upward struggle. The divine mandate of "shining light in the midst darkness" imposes to all of us the duty of advocating in favor of the causes of people who cannot assert their own fundamental rights. What that mean? It means that genuine leaders are servant and divinely chosen leaders whose traits reflect universal laws characterized by instilling love and restoring hope where suffering and distress affect the hopeless; it means that al of us have the duty of shining light where vanity, hate, selfishness, and domination interact; and it means that we all have the duty of inspiring unity and peace where divisions and conflicts cohabits.
To anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, he/she can see and ear that the planet earth as we can observed the signs of world disorders and its manifesting calamities is reaching a critical degree of socially, politically, and spiritually unconsciousness. This unconsciousness characterized by a systematic violation of human rights; by hypocrisy and instead of true love, and where the inhabitants of this planet earth have intentionally turned back to the original intent of the Universal Father; the planet earth has exceeded the limit of God's Mercy.  The rough of God is no longer far away. The world immoralities and roots of desolations are being compared to what happened in the era of Sodom and Gomorrah. The events of natural catastrophes in a way similar to what happened Japan inworld configuration is being tested in waWe are now experiencing issues Divine order to have no choice other than directly intervene in the management of the world system and hold accountable those who drive human beings under the influence of the force of darkness. For thousands of years, there have been prophecies of a planetary "shift" of great magnitude, moving us into a new world of less brightness. Here, where we can retrieve the origin of the missions of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates related to "Shining Light in the Midst of Darkness."  OHRA's actions are driven in concert with Christ's leadership model and subjected to severe accountability by the Universal Father.
It is widely accepted that in this 21st century of a world of imperfection, darkness drives the world. Hate, vanity, divide, wars, immorality...are features explored by the prince of darkness in the process of driving away human beings from the virtues of consciousness within him, which is the essential element that connects human beings to divine authority.  Therefore, in order for international security and world peace be part of vectors expected to drive change in the world as well as redefine the course of destiny of human being, human leadership of the world-ruling systems must first be transformed and renounce themselves to the pact of servicing virtues of the traditional master which is based on hate, vanity, division, conflict, selfishness, domination, and war. Those roots drive the Highest revise His plan and opt an option of judgment against unconscious rulers of this world. Within the context of current evolutionary Earth,  our planet's destiny is decided by a new divine configuration. Here, we can find the essence of existence of the Orpe Human Rights Advocates.   
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